Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hey guys,
i am  reading this book called "the girl with the dragon tattoo" i love this book so much and i would really recommend it to anyone but underaged student because it is very high in violence and i couldnt tell you what the rating scale on it was just yet havent finished it. But anyways i love it so far and really think you would enjoy it too get reading guy. =P

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

jamies story


The story started with a gust of wind that moved the hair from her eyes.
The tear that rolled down her cheek was the tear of sorrow full of sighs.
The tears that she shed were one of a kind. The ones you see in soap operas.
She never shared her internal feelings but shared them with the souls of her loved ones.
 She sat in her room day after day waiting for him to come, to come and sweep her off her feet. She hated the misery, hated the burdens of the past.
Everyone has times in their life, the times of failure. The times that are the hardest we all have strategies of success. This story is about a girl who knew nothing but burdens, from her mother being killed, to an unwanted pregnancy that left her with nothing but the values of life, and
The hearts of her friends.

It was December 2nd; the rain was coming down hard as hard as a hail storm. "Another one of those days" I thought to myself. You know when you go through something bad and feel like you’re the one that receives all the crap from everybody. Well, that's the situation I'm in. I went to a party with my friend last weekend and I was drunk, I never wanted to go in the first place, but my friend talked me into it!!!
I was mad at first. I guess I had a good time, but something happened at that party. I never told anyone about it. I usually go to my mother’s grave every once in a while to think sometimes, or when I'm worried about something that happened. My mom always knew what to do.

That night at the party, I was sitting in the bathroom because I didn't feel so well, when a guy who looked like he was about 30 years old, came crashing in threw the door drunk, or possibly strung out on something. I screamed at the sudden push from him, He pushed me into the door so I was blocking myself from running away he started taking my clothes off, putting his hands on places they didn't belong. I DIDN'T KNOW HIM! I was really scared I wanted to crawl in a hole and die.  I couldn't believe my eyes, I screamed for help as loud as I could, but no one was coherent enough to hear me. He then punched me in the head really hard and yelled profound things, things I've never heard before. He hit me so hard I felt a big gust of air shoot threw my body like I was shot. I couldn't breathe, everything was FADING.

That morning I woke up and I was in my friend Ciaras house, lying in her bed? I looked around the room for somebody when I saw Ciaras sitting at her desk writing. I sat up and cleared my throat "uggghhh" she turned around and said "honey your awake u were passed out last night in the bathroom, and your head was bleeding you must of hit your head on the edge of the bathtub" I stared for a while thinking about what I was going to say, I finally figured it out and said "I want to go home now I will text you tomorrow" she replied "okay boo I will see you tomorrow".

When I got home, I went straight to the bathroom to take a shower, I stood in the shower for a good hour, when my dad came home and knocked on the door. "Jamie you okay?" I answered "yeah dad just have a bit of a stomach ache, probably going to go to bed after I get out of the shower. I already ate so don't make me a plate". Then I heard him walk away to the kitchen. I turned the shower off. As I stepped out of the shower I got a sharp pain in my stomach.
I WRITHED in pain and started throwing up; I was speechless towards what was happening. I knew what was coming next; I sat on the floor wrapped in a towel crying. “Why is this happening to me? I'm pregnant are you kidding me". I gathered my strength and got dressed. I got into my car and drove to rite aid to buy a pregnancy test. Of course I didn't tell my dad what I went to rite aid for; I told him I needed to buy personal needs. He won’t ask any questions.
I got to the store and ran straight into the bathroom used the pregnancy test, and it came out POSITIVE!!! I thought to myself "what am I going to do" I was in deep crap if anyone found out my life is down the drain, I wanted to go to college for sociology, how was I supposed to do that with a alien looking thing, that didn't shut up unless it had a Binky in its mouth. I went home and went straight to bed.

The next morning I woke up and puked. The same routine every morning.
I wanted to go for a morning jog to see if I could shake off the edge, but I cringed in pain.
So I decided to call my dad and have him pick me up. Shortly after he arrived, I got into the car and that’s when he dropped the news and said, “I have to tell you something Jamie”.
 That’s when he told me he had brain cancer and he wasn’t going to make it. I knew my dad wasn’t in good health but didn’t realize that it was this bad. I looked out the window speechless. I stayed staring out the window while a hot tear rolled down my cheek.

6 months later……

The sun was shining that day but I felt horrible. I was getting fatter by the minuet. I was supposed to be getting ready for my father’s funeral but I was busy puking and waddling around the house. I didn’t realize that when I got older I was going to be pregnant, and on top of it burying my own father at the age of 17. I finally managed to get my dress on; I walked over to the mirror and looked in disgust “I'm so fat” I was like bulging. I was ready to explode; my bellybutton was portal to a new life form.
I got into my car and started on my way to the funeral. I arrived and got the flashback again but this time it was clearer, in it I was screaming then it went black. I shook it off and walked over to the coffin, everyone was amazed because I was pregnant. They were asking me if my father knew and of course I said yes, but I knew it was wrong that I had lied. I gathered myself together. On my way home I was at a stop light and I had another flashback just as I stepped on the gas. I fainted behind the wheel; a tractor trailer hit me head on. I felt blood dripping all over my face I couldn’t see what was in front of me because the stupid airbag was in my view. I felt like I was draining, I started to choke. Until I realized I was drowning in my own blood.
I heard faint sirens in the distance getting closer as I faded.

2 weeks later ……

I opened my eyes and all I could see was white and I smelled nothing but old people and adhesive bandages. A doctor came into this white room and said “hello” I barley could respond, ccccccI was so tired for some reason so wiped out. “Where am I?” I said just about to crash and burn with anxiety when the doctor replied “you’re in the hospital; you lost your baby Mam. I’m terribly sorry” I looked him in the face and the same hot tears I felt when my father told me he was dying rolled down my cheek. I looked up at the doctor and I felt a sudden pain in my chest. My left arm went numb and I could feel my body I couldn’t even breathe. All I heard was the doctors saying “were losing her, were losing her” then all of a sudden it got dark and that was last breath I took.  I never knew my baby nor did I know the life I could have had.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

1st marking period....

Melinda starts school at merry weather high school and comes into a bad situation
Where she was judged by everybody because of the clothes she was wearing and the hair cut she had. She had gotten on the bus when she saw her ex best friend when she mumbles the words I hate you. But not telling her ex best friend that she has a hidden secret she bites
her lip and draws blood having to get stitches. She wishes she could tell her ex best friend that she was raped the night of the party when drove her friend away because she had called the cops earlier that night. But to turn it around there is a new girl named heather from Ohio she is a spa never stops talking , never allows melinda to express her feelings.
Melinda has really bad grades because of her secret of getting raped during a party.
She has a good grade in art because she draws to get out her feelings with out words. Making her very depressed.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Outside Reading Book Review

The book I read for my ORB is a wonderful novel by Alice Sebold, The Lovley Bones.
The Lovley Bones is about a 14 year old girl names Susie Salmon, susie was a typical girl who enjoyed taking pictures of the people around her and the things that surround her. She was murdered when she turned 14 itwas unfortunately by her next door neighbor known as Mr. Harvey.
She was lured into a club house that Mr. Harvey gphad supposivley built for the kids in the community to play in until... She got into the fort and he stat red to act weird she was very worried because she had to be home she was late. He then raped and killed her dismembering her body and bringing it to her housetotrow it in a sink hole. The police never found any evidence on Mr. Harvey. He moved Like 6 years later and left evidence on his garage floor but the real-estates told the home owners it was oil but it was really blood. But the turning point was that susie could look over from heaven and couldn't communicate but tried so hard to help her parents try to figure out who was her murderer. I like this book because its in the suspense
Genre interested in very mysterious things and solving crimes. I would recommend this book to everyone over the age of 13 because it tells what could really happened in life if your not careful it's very sad but this could happen to anybody.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


I agree with the statement that students shouldn't share
With teachers about their personal problems because I had
A personelle experience that resembles that
Statement. I had shared about Something I was going through
and the teacher I had Shared it with went straight to the state
resulting in being tooken away from my parents.
In my opinion I agree with this statement because the results
Of my personal experience. My life was effected negatively
And I don't want to see some other kid be effected negatively like
I was when I was younger. I mean you can tell teachers if your in
Danger but some stuff you should keep to your self. Like if you drink
Smoke etc.... Just simple things like that u should keep to your self.
Because the whole world doesn't need to know what you do in your
Personal life.

I disagree with the statement that if someone is drunk or high
He or she is not responsible for his or her actions.
I disagree with that because there is millions of people who drive
Drunk and high and millions who do not but at the same time there is
People dead because of being behind the wheel of a car while they
Were drunk or high.but I learned that no matter what drug you are on
You are accountable for every action you do.
My aunt has been in a nursing home for over 28 years because she got
into the car with a drunken driver and it really makes me upset because
innocent people get hurt For other peoples bad disicions.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Becca's Pearl Value Essay

                                           Some people value things more than others. And in my life there is
one thing I value the most.......
          Waking up in the morning to see a adorable priceless face of the cutest dog in the
whole entire world.everyday I go to school Im always in a rushed movement to come home
to see my puppy. Seeing his face makes me just wanna hold him and kiss him. When me
and my dad watch movies together he lays right next to my head and watches the movie
with us. When I'm trying to sleep he licks my face but when you try to push him away he just
barks in a cute little way to let you know he wants you to notice him.
having a puppy is an awesome experience. I don't know what I would do without him. He is
always the one go to when I'm upset because I feel as if he actually understands me and he
cry with me because he knows I'm sad. When I'm sad he licks the tears off my face.
           I love hugging him because he hugs like a human, he cradles his little body in your
arms and puts his head in the crease of your neck. It's the cutest thing in the world it just
makes you so happy. I love my puppy because he is my everything he is very protective
towards me , if anyone is coming upstairs he barks and barks to let me know someone is
arriving. Also if he sees anyone trying to hurt me or making any violent moves towards me
he gets really upset and  goes after them to let them know that he is protecting me, he is
only a small dog and his bark is bigger than his bite. He hates big dogs and also never
leaves my side, when I bring him out to go to the bathroom he runs downstairs and stopps
half way to wait for me to come If I don't come he barks.
       when it's time for bed I make a cranberry and orange juice and I get ready for bed. But
when I don't get ready fast enough My puppy barks and runs to my Room then barks again
then runs back to see if I am coming to Bed.
my puppy is the best part of my life he makes all the worst turn into nothing but the best.
having a puppy really made me appreciate life way more because i think it just amazing to
have a another little life form in your hands. I love holding my puppy close to me.
my puppy is special to me because it came from a special person.
          I hoped you enjoyed reading it as much as i enjoyed writing it. i really appreciate the fact i was able to share how much my puppy means to me. its not everyday that we get to
share about something we value with a passion. so thank you Mr.B.G. i really enjoyed writing
this essay for you i think this has to be my favorite one so far this year. thanks so much and i hope the class enjoys it as well.....

Saturday, September 10, 2011

beccas summer reading essay

In life people struggle with an immense variety of stomach churning tragedy’s.
Over the summer i read a life changing story that I recommend all the teenagers that are dealing with issues in there life. The book i read was called "Born Blue by Han Nolan" this book is teenage fiction. i enjoy reading teenage fiction novels because it interests me to hear other teens life stories rather than mine.
In this book there are 4 main characters that are my favorite.
 Janie (Leshaya) - This story is about Leshayas aka Janie’s life. Janie is a typical teenager living in a messed up world. She wants to grow up to become a famous singer. When Janie was younger her foster brother Harmon introduced her to jazz and she fell in love with it. Janie is the daughter of a heroin addict. But these appalling drugs pull Janie in leading to an unwanted pregnancy. Later on in the story Janie tries to convince her that she is black and that she had a black father. But later to find out that she isn’t really black. At the age of 13 Janie has a kid who’s name is Etta James.
Harmon James-Janie’s African American Foster brother. Janie gets attached to drugs and sneaks into Harmon’s bed and Harmon is puzzled by her horrendous behavior. Later on Janie arrives with what appears to be Harmon’s baby. Harmon was about in shock when he found this out.
Mama Linda-is Janie’s mother and is a heroin addict who tries to trade Janie for drugs. But towards the end of the book Janie’s mother opened her eyes and starts to give a care about Janie and not so much her drugs. Towards the end of the book mama Linda comes across being diagnosed with AIDS.
Paul-is an incredible guitar player who offers Janie food and shelter and music lessons but later ends up kicking Janie out for not obeying his no DRUG rule. So Janie ends up on the street corner.
 This book really open’s peoples mind because it shows that doing well brings you some where totally unrelated to this tragedy. at the end of the book Janie totally show that you can totally turn your life around Janie gets a new identity and leaves Etta James with Harmon and sets of for a totally new journey’s a hole new fresh Start.